AGRAS MG-1 Drone battery

The original intelligent flight battery 12000 mAh battery for agras MG-1 drone necessary drone parts
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AGRAS MG-1 Drone battery 12000mAh

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MG-1 Drone battery parameters

drone Max Thrust 5.1 kg/rotor Stator Size 60 x 10 mm
drone Max Power 770 W Agriculture Drone Weight 280 g
Agriculture Drone KV 130 rpm/V Max Allowable Current 25 A
Operating Voltage 12S LiPo Signal Frequency 30 to 450 Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 12 kHz PROPELLER Material Engineered Plastics
PROPELLER Diameter 21x7.0 inch (533x178 mm) Weight 58 g

The MG-1 uses an Intelligent flight battery with a capacity of 12000mAh,it can hover for 24 minutes without load.A high-strength protective shell and dampers are applied outside the battery.In addition,the battery provides mor e stable voltage ,extending its lifespan.

The AGRAS MG-1 drone is professional agriculture drone designed to improve the levels of efficiency and manageability .Battery as the necessary drone accessory ,it ensures that the agriculture spraying drone can keep the normal operation for a long time .

Drone necessary parts details

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