Agras MG-1 gps uav professional quadcopter drone agriculture sprayer

MG-1 is an agricultural drone that brings efficiency and accuracy to the agricultural sector. It can intelligently memorize the route it flies. The amount of pesticide or fertilizer is precisely regulated to avoid pollution and economize operations.Folding design, making the aircraft compact and easy to transport in the trunk of a car.
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Agras MG-1 gps uav professional quadcopter drone agriculture sprayer

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Agras MG-1 product parameters

LIQUID TANK Volume 10L Sta. Operating Payload 10 kg
Max Battery Size 151 x 195 x 70 mm NOZZLE QTY 4PCS
drone Max Thrust 5.1 kg/rotor Stator Size 60 x 10 mm
drone Max Power 770 W Agriculture Drone Weight 280 g
Agriculture Drone KV 130 rpm/V Max Allowable Current 25 A
Operating Voltage 12S LiPo Signal Frequency 30 to 450 Hz
Drive PWM Frequency 12 kHz PROPELLER Material Engineered Plastics
PROPELLER Diameter 21x7.0 inch (533x178 mm) Weight 58 g

Agras MG-1 advantage

The MG-1 gps drone is with outstanding payloads which allowing the aircraft to carry up to 10kg liquid. According to flying speed, the intelligent spraying system adjusts its spray. There’s just 1mins to cover an area of 4000-6000 m2 or nearly 60times faster than manual spraying operations. The uav drone agriculture sprayer MG-1 is designed with a sealed body and an efficient, integrated centrifugal cooling system. As MG 1 drone flies, the surrounding air enters the aircraft body via the front inlet, and a triple filter system keeps dust and debris from entering. Farmers would like this drone agriculture sprayer to enhance their working efficiency and they evaluate agras MG-1 is the professional quadcopter drone on agricultural irrigation helps them a lot.

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