What is this National Day drone? Content three

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During the National Day, drones also flew in Shanxi, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities to spray, agricultural drones are also busy...

Drone spraying in farmland

Agras MG-1s agriculture pesticide sprayer gps drone

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For the people who did not choose to travel, the films "The Warriors" and "Shadow" released on the National Day of China also gave them a wonderful connection with the drone. Behind a large number of film productions, they are inseparable from the assistance of drones.

Inspire 2 drone filming scene

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Although the National Day has passed, Black Friday is coming soon.

After the drone became a hot search in the Golden Week, many consumers were also excited about this. Especially near the Black Friday promotion season, major brands have entered the preheating activities, and we are no exception, this is a good opportunity to get started. FPDRONE's new Royal Mavic 2 Pro, equipped with a 1-inch sensor and a Hasselblad lens, is the first Hasselblad to be used by young people, suitable for photographers and workers, while the Royal Mavic 2 Zoom is equipped with a unique zoom. The lens helps you unlock a new way of sliding the zoom with one touch.

If you haven't experienced aerial photography yet, do your homework in advance, collect the most suitable drone equipment, add the drone to your shopping list.