What is this National Day drone? Content one

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This National Day, the golden week for the Chinese people to take a long vacation, has become the busiest national day for drones. Before the National Day, Alibaba's National Day Consumer Data Report reported that the sales of aerial drones increased by 280% compared with the previous year. The drones also live up to expectations, and they have taken the lead in many times and played a unique role in all walks of life.

Drones become a must-have new traveler
In addition to playing an increasingly important role in different industries, drones have changed people's travel habits and gradually become the "new darling" for people to travel.

The Mavic series has become the most popular travel device and has the highest usage rate among flying friends worldwide.

Aershan National Day Autumn

Aerial photography drone,china,

Aerial equipment: Royal Mavic 2 Pro


Wuhu aerial photography drone

Aerial equipment: Elf Phantom 4 Pro

Couple unlocks aerial photography new pose

Unlock the new position of aerial photography,drone from china

As the UAV is portable, the operation is simple, the price is civilian, and its use heat is heating up. More and more people bring drones to travel, record the unique beauty under the "God perspective", and photograph in the circle of friends. The top spot in the competition.