Charger Po is no longer just charge it. It can also be used as a projector

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Recently, ASUS out of a pocket can be installed in the pocket of the projector ZenBeam E1. It is understood that the outdoor enthusiasts are prepared to watch, see the open-air movie that look to see.
General conventional projectors are slightly cumbersome, inconvenient to carry, the installation location is mostly in the company, home or cinema and other fixed place. And let those who want to go home and outside the cinema to enjoy the private large-screen viewing of the large film are in trouble, and if you can in the past as the outdoor space to see open-air movies, it is also a very nostalgic experience. If there is a pocket projection just fine.

In order to comply with the needs of outdoor viewing enthusiasts, ASUS exit the projector ZenBeam E1, looks like a charge treasure. Only the palm of the size (83 × 110 × 29mm), only 307g, body rounded. Xiao Bian feel or do not put it on the effect and feel too much look forward to. The projector's fever has never been underestimated, the projection does not have to hold it. ZenBeam E1 built-in 6000mAh capacity battery, the longest continuous work for 5 hours, while it can also be used as a charge for the mobile device emergency.

In terms of configuration, ZenBeam E1 is equipped with a support MHL HDMI, a 5V / 1A USB interface, and a headphone jack. In addition it also comes with a 2W power speaker. Equipped with a life of up to 30,000 hours of light and LED lights, the maximum brightness of 150 lumens, the maximum 3500: 1 contrast ratio, through IntelliBright technology on this basis and then forced to enhance 30%. ZenBeam E1 native output resolution of WVGA (854 × 480), but also can support 1080ps video playback, it can cast a maximum size of 120 inches screen, projection distance of 0.5 to 3.7 meters.