Flir DUO PRO R thermal camera

Flir DUO PRO R thermal camera with double vision camera infrared thermal imaging camera fit for professional security drone
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Flir DUO PRO R thermal camera

Professional Flir DUO PRO R thermal imaging camera combines with double vision cameras,4k visible camera and infrared thermal camera,with high resolution.By sensing the subtle temperature difference, the target can be clearly even in completely dark night,or in the area covered by smoke.

Flir DUO PRO R thermal camera product parameters

Infrared Camera
FLIR Thermal  Camera Resolution 160*120 Thermal Camera Lens 7.5 - 100mm (can choose)
Thermal Camera Frequency 9Hz or 7.5HZ Thermal Camera Testing Tem. (L Mode) -25°C - +135°C
Thermal Camera Image Save 14 still images Thermal Camera Testing Tem. (H Mode) 40°C - +550°C
Thermal Camera Softwave Itools Thermal Camera Drone Vedio Save H.264
Thermal Camera Storage 32G microSD Thermal Camera Wavelenths 8 - 14 μm
FLIR ThermalCamera Weight 130 g Thermal Camera Size 57.4*44.4*44.4mm
Thermal Camera Working Tem. -20°C - +50°C Thermal Camera Working Height 12000 m


As security drone ,now the thermal camera drone are wisely used  by the professional project,such as power inspection ,solar inspection,search and rescue application ,precision agriculture,fire application.