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ZHUN is a special fire fighting unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for high buildings, with the design of the foldable fuselage, the design of the super strong payload and anti tremor ability. It can also launch fire extinguishing projectile in a complex fire environment..


Product name:


Symmetrical motor wheelbase :

1500 mm

Max. Take off weight :

45 kg Propellers

Diameter X screw pitch:

30×9.9 inch; Single weight: 160 g Motor

Compatible frequency:

50~500 Hz

Max. Rising speed:

5 m/s

Max. Lowering speed :

3 m/s

Max. Pitch Angle:


Max. Flight altitude:

5000 m

Max. Bearable wind speed :

14 m/s

Max. endurance:

35 mins

Folding Design

The arm is designed with four - axis free - tool lateral folding loop structure, which is compact and firm. After folding, the whole machine takes on a loop type, which is convenient for daily transportation and assembly while ensuring structural strength demand, reduces the occupied area of the aircraft, reduces the difficulty of packing and saves the assembly time for the staff, and greatly reduces the requirements on the transport tools.

Smart battery, long endurance

Super-capacity battery, with intelligent power management system built in, greatly improves the safety of flight. The standard, large-capacity battery lasts up to 35 minutes on a single flight.Low voltage alarm and power management are built in the APP, which can greatly improve battery life and work efficiency, ensure the stable flight of the uav and better protect your flight.

Four axles eight OARS, heavy load

ZHUN uses a four-axis, eight-propeller design that greatly lifts the power of flight, with a maximum load of 15KG. Other rescue equipment can be easily mounted.

Harsh environment, still outstanding

The fuselage of ZHUN dual fire extinguishing UAV adopts closed modularization design and has super IP65 three-defense capability. It can still be operated quickly in a complex environment. It can work steadily in wind, rain, dust, high temperature and cold, Industrial-grade w

aterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof ability, adapt to the harsh rescue operation environment.

Intelligent security protection system

In the flight, for example, the power imbalance is caused by occasional special circumstances and arbitrary motor failure. In the GPS mode, the aircraft can be automatically corrected and maintain the flight attitude. By controlling the throttle of the remote control, the safe landing can be achieved.