Drones help tea picking women to quickly transport tea

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In the spring, the temperature warmed up, the Shifeng Camellia tree sprouted, and the tea pickers reached the busiest time. Shifengshan tea picker Lin Xin told Economic Daily that the tea is extremely delicate. 

In order to pursue the best taste, the newly picked tea is best spread out immediately. If it is accumulated for a long time, it will affect the quality of the tea. However, the tea pickers are mainly women. 

They climbed the Shifeng Mountain to the mountain road for more than 20 minutes. Some steep places, over the mountains and over, took more than an hour. In order to keep the tea fresh, the tea picker took the tea back down the mountain after three or four hours of picking, and went up and down the mountain several times, which both affected the tea and the efficiency of tea picking. 

In this year's tea-picking season, the flight formation consisting of rookie drones traveled between Shifengshan and the fried tea center, and the newly picked Shifeng Longjing tea was transported down the mountain. Then began to spread the sun, frying. Therefore, this year's first mining of the Lion Peak Longjing was transported down the mountain by drones.

 “It used to take at least two hours before, and it was delivered in less than two minutes.” The local tea merchant said that this means that the drone’s intervention allowed the tea to be listed at least two hours earlier. Using drones to transport tea will add a fraction of the cost. However, Shifeng Longjing is the highest level in the five types of Longjing teas of “Lion Dragon Yunhumei”. UAV transportation significantly reduces the damage rate of tea, and it is still very cost-effective to consider.

Article drone: MG-1